Math. dep. of CINVESTAV International Workshop
November 18-21, 2008
Department of Mathematics, CINVESTAV, Mexico City


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of Mathematics, CINVESTAV

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The Workshop will be held in the José Adem Auditorium located in the Physics, Mathematics, and Educational Mathematics Library just in front of the Department of Mathematics of CINVESTAV.


All talks at the Worshop are supposed to be given by a special invitation of the Organizing Committee. We plan to have about fourteen 50 min. lectures and about twelve 25 min. talks.
At the same time those who are interested to assist in the Workshop are welcomed to register and participate.
A limited amount of funds is available to partially cover local expenses for students and postdocs. To apply for a support contact Maribel Loaiza Leyva at
The deadline for support applications is October 1, 2008.


On cite registration will start on Tuesday, November 18 at 8:45 at the lobby of the Physics, Mathematics, and Educational Mathematics Library near the José Adem Auditorium.
The registration fee is 60 USD, or 600 Mexican pesos, and has to be paid by all participants during the on cite registration. The fee covers welcome reception, coffee breaks, conference materials, and excursion.

Social Events

Welcome Reception: Tuesday, November 18, from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Department of Mathematics, Auditorium 131.
Excursion to the Sun and Moon Piramids: Thursday, November 20, from 14:00 to 19:00.
Conference Diner: Friday, November 21, from 18:30 to 21:00

How to get to CINVESTAV

The CINVESTAV campus is located on the northern part of Mexico City, and can be easily reached by public transportation. A good reference point is the crossing of Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional and Calzada Ticoman.
Take the Metro to station "Potrero" or "Lindavista" and then a small bus going north by Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional to "POLI Arcos, Ticoman". Alternatively take the Metro station "Indios Verdes" and then a small bus "Ruta 18" going west by Calz. Ticoman to "Ticoman".
A taxi from either of these Metro stations to CINVESTAV will cost around 30 pesos (3 USD).


There are many restaurants around the intersection of Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional with Av. Montevideo, about 2 Km. south from the Cinvestav. Near the Workshop venue inexpensive Breakfast (8:00-11:30) and Lunch (13:00-15:30) can be had at the "Casa Rioja" (Corner of Av. La Rioja and Huanuco St.).
One can try for Breakfast as well the CINVESTAV Cafeteria or a small Cafeteria (just hot drinks and cakes) situated at the lobby of the Physics, Mathematics, and Educational Mathematics Library.

Internet access

Participants with their laptops can enjoy a free wireless Internet access both in the Department of Mathematics and the José Adem Auditorium.